Not everyone visits Siskiwit Bay Lodge B & B by car. We have guests that arrive by motorcycle, bicycle, airplane, kayak, canoe, motorboat and sailboat. If you are visiting the area and on Lake superior...we will pick you up!

If you have been living on your boat for awhile and it's starting to feel a little tight for comfort (is cabin fever the same as boat fever?) or if you just need a night away to stretch your legs, have that nice hot shower you've been dreaming about, sleep in a really comfortable bed and then have someone else serve YOU breakfast...we'll pick you up! And when you are fully relaxed after your stay at Siskiwit Bay Lodge B & B...we'll even bring you back!

If you are walking to the Lodge, well Bless your heart...we'll pick you up, too! If you plan on arriving by spaceship, please call first...we need to talk.

If you have parked your kayak or canoe on a beach nearby and need to give your paddle a lift...we'll pick you and your boat up! After you have rested up, we can bring you back to your beach or down to the excellent sand beach in Cornucopia.

This "Pick Up and Bring Back" offer applies to any marina in Bayfield County and includes Port Wing, Cornucopia, Bayfield and Washburn.

Next time you are on Lake Superior, please remember Siskiwit Bay Lodge B & B for your rest and relaxation.